PADA ELEKTROFORESIS DNA Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Suyarta Efrida Pakpahan
Jurnal Kesehatan Rajawali Vol. 5 No. 9, Oktober 2015


Introduction : Tuberculosis (TB) is an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Indonesia as the country with the highest number of TB patients to 4th in the world after India, China, and South Africa (WHO). Failure prevention of tuberculosis, one of which caused by errors in the diagnostic process.

The purpose of this study to determine the concentration of 1% agarose gel to produce quality tape / band DNA better than the concentration of 1.2% agarose gel electrophoresis of DNA Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

This research method is experimental study, in which as many as 15 samples used sputum samples with positive test results on microscopic examination Ziehl Neelsen. Research data obtained are then processed by descriptive statistical tests.

The result of data processing obtained on average processing image J at a concentration of 1% agarose gel that is higher than 0.57 cm2 on 1.2% agarose gel concentration is 0.42 cm2.

The conclusions of this study there are differences in test results between agarose gel concentration of 1% to 1.2% agarose electrophoresis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis DNA.

Keywords : Concentration of agarose gel, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


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